This photo contest is worldwide and the public votes on them. These awards are for the 2018 & 2019 contest where there were over 175,000 photographers entered, over 500,000 photos submitted with over 90 million votes. These photos placed in their categories well enough to deserve a badge. The lowest place badge is top 30%.

2018 Awards (over 400,000 images entered

  • Finalist (bride with her horses) placed 105 out of 14,265

  • three Top 10%

  • four Top 20%

  • one Top 30%

2019 Awards (over 500,000 images entered)

  • top 100 (baby and cow photo) placed 32 out of 41,321

  • one Top 10%

  • one Top 20%

  • two Top 30%

It is a pretty crazy addicting contest. If you are board and want to see some amazing photos you should check out the shoot and share website and check out all the cool photography tools.